How to Follow Your Dreams When You Don't Have Enough Money?

I understand how it feels to be stuck in a rut as they call it. You wake up feeling great then something happens that turn your faith into fear. The goal in living your best life is to live a life full of faith, action, and desires towards a Journey Well Done. The one challenge in making this happen is finances. I have spoken to many individuals who are afraid to make steps towards their dreams or visions because they feel like they don’t have the money to start something new.

STOP THE PRESS OK? You can start now for FREE!! Does that make you feel better? Many of you are saying NOT AT ALL because I have this light bill that needs to be paid or my rent/mortgage is due and I don’t have much left after that. I know all the excuses that will help you procrastinate on your dreams and keep you from living your best life.

Listen, I am not saying that all those bills are not reality. What I am saying is that when you see other people living their best life, they have bills too. When you see others traveling or finally graduating from college, they have bills too. So what? As long as you have breath in your body and a roof over your head, you will have bills to pay. So. I will give you 5 steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to live your best life while paying your bills too!

Step 1. Decide what you really want? Many times we don’t really know what we want to do in order to live our best lives. We do have a clear expectation of our next steps so it keeps you stuck in your head and making every excuse in the book to keep you from moving forward.

Step 2. Write it down and visualize it? Write down your income and your expenses. Don’t worry about what you can pay and what you can’t just know what they are. Don’t worry about debt right now because I will help you get to a place in your life where you will have the mindset to have more income that you ever dreamed. Right now, just write down your worries – Put it away and let it go for now. Many times we struggle with Money and Finances because we have no idea what is coming in and what is going out. This will help you create a level of accountability to yourself so you can make room for the other dreams and visions that you are soon to make happen one day at a time.

Step 3. NOW – This is the fun part – Now that you have mentally prepared yourself to believe in YOU – Let’s set the foundation to prepare to take the steps necessary to get to where you want to be. Get in line with your spirit through prayer and/or mediation on God’s word. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If this is not your thing! Well – you can also repeat any positive statements that will create peace, strength, and focus so you can start taking ACTION NOW. I pray daily and ask God to give me a new mindset with hopes that I will set my eyes on what he has put within me. This step will help you eliminate your negative pessimistic attitude, thoughts, and words. NOW – you can speak those things to be not as though they were. You can stop making excuses and just do it, do it, do it.

Step 4. Find an Accountability Partner and/or Mentor. Many times we need someone to help us find clarity, and help us set up an action plan, and take action steps towards your goals and dreams. We all need someone to walk with us along this journey and even those that can celebrate with us. We all need someone that we can look up to and say help me how do I get from point A to Z.

I hope you are ready to let go and turn fear into faith. Let me show you how to make it happen NOW. I will walk with you on this journey. Look around my website for more information. I can help you make all you dreams a reality and I won’t judge you either. We also have flexible payment plans. If you sign up for my email list, you will be added to the VIP list where we send out free resources, discounts, and content that will help you too. I want you live your best life and make all your dreams a reality.

You got this, YO! J


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