Cherish Every Moment With Gratefulness

Hi Friends :)

I know it’s been a while! I'm sorry :) I am in an active stage of planning and preparing to give you the best part of me. However, I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my heart with you.

I'd like to remind everyone of how important it is to cherish every moment with gratefulness. We take so many things for granted including our family, friends, opportunities, and our time. The things we take for granted is something you can never get back once it’s gone.

With the recent tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, we have all been saddened by this news. If you have been watching the news, you'll see so many people that were affected who find it hard to process what has happened. There are so many of us sitting in our homes with tears flowing wondering what just happened and why. This tragic event reminds us that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Therefore, we should cherish every moment with gratefulness in our hearts.

I know life can seem hard at times and some of us wish that we could have a do over. Guess what? You can have a do over... right now. Start now... Take a moment to reflect on your life including your family, friends, opportunities, and make time for each of them individually. Don't forget to forgive easily, tell someone that you love them, or just say thank you for being a part of my life. Don't worry about their wrongdoings or if they aren't meeting your expectations. We all have work to do! Start within yourself and make this journey a journey full of wonderful memories and gratefulness. I promise you that you'll be happier and full of joy and peace knowing that you have done your part to make this world a better place. When it’s your time to go see the Lord, he'll say job well done. You'll also leave wonderful tidbits of memories for your family and a legacy that no one could ever take away from you.

Look at our wonderful Kobe Bryant - although his family and community mourn, we mourn with love and grace in our hearts knowing how wonderful he was. He was committed to living the life of his dreams despite all the challenges he endured.

Don't take time for granted - It’s not about how long you have left on this earth; it’s about what you do while you're here. Start now! :)

Lanese Empowerment!

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