How do I handle the negative people in my life?

Life happens! I am sure that there are a few haters in your life that suck up your happiness and try to steal your dreams. Have you ever had dreams and desires that were derailed by someone's negative opinions about how terrible that idea would be, you're not good enough, etc. We have all been there. I know I have. When you are a person full of ideas and life, you look for people who will celebrate you and help you get to the next level in your vision. Instead, sometimes we allow the negative talk to take over our lives and then we shut down! This is the pivotal point of destruction and not living your best life. You may be asking, "How do I handle these folks and where do I go from here? It's not always easy to let go of these folks because unfortunately they are sometimes the closest ones to you.

Step 1: Guard your hearts.

Guarding your heart is a very important step in moving forward with your dreams and goals. You can't allow someone else to define your future or tell you what's best for you. You have to guard your heart by surrounding yourselves with people who want to see the best for you, and people who are encouraging you to succeed and make it happen in your life. You also have to pray and ask God to send the right people into your life that will lift you up instead of constantly tearing you down. The folks that try to discourage you lack confidence in themselves, so you can't expect them to have any confidence in you and your dreams..

Step 2: Move in Silence

I know this is the hard part. However, you have to set your dreams and goals in action without telling a soul. Why? Because people will start talking you out of it or they will steal your ideas. If you are going to be successful sometimes its best to take action towards your dreams and desires without being interrupted by the schemes of people who are not looking out for your best interest. When someone ask you, "what have you been up to?", tell them, "I am great - just making some things happen one step at a time". Encourage them and Empower them to live their best lives too. Everyone is looking for some encouragement.

Step 3: Don't take it Personal / Turn a negative situation into a positive

I know this can be very hard because it hurts when someone don't share your same joy or try to prevent you from moving into your God-Given purpose. Listen - They don't know any better. None of us are perfect so don't take it personal. This is the time you show and tell, not just to them but yourself too. Have the confidence to take real action towards your goals. Once you accomplish your dreams and desires, they will see you growing and living your best life. Walk with your head held high and a big smile on your face because this is how you can change the environment. When someone says anything negative, respond by saying, " Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate that". Then go on your merry way because now the world is in your hands and you can walk out your dreams and live your best life by faith.

Loving Life - TR

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