10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Hello, Its ME again :)

This is my very first blog! Yay! Lanese Empowerment is here to empower you to live your best life and make all your dreams a reality. The first step towards my journey as a business owner began with self-love. Self-love is important because it leads towards healthy relationships, more confidence, lots of happy moments, freedom, and self-motivation. Here, you'll find 10 steps to having a happier life. Please be sure to subscribe to the email listed below. I love to send free stuff! :) After you subscribe below, you will get a free worksheet that will help you lead a life of self-love.

Here goes.... you're welcome..

1. Go for a walk and get a fresh air and think clearly.

2. Read more books that inspire you.

3. Learn a new skill that makes you happy.

5. Call a friend or family member who you have not spoken to in a while

6. Drop perfection and start accepting yourself for who you are.

7. Dress up so you can look fabulous (men and youth too)

8. Let go of all the clutter, junk, or memories in your mind that keep you unworthy.

9. Stop comparing yourself to anyone!

10. This one is easy! Just Smile! You will get more people loving on you than ever.

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