A Journey Well Done

Dream Big. Laugh a Lot. Have Faith in God and Yourself. Redefine your Vision.  Gain Clarity & Discipline.


Be Intentional. Live the Life you Deserve. Yes - You deserve it! Be Free & Let Go. 

Are you tired of making excuses for not acting on your dreams, vision, and goals?

Are you tired of looking at everyone else succeed and you're still procrastinating?

Are you ready to live your best life, turn pain into purpose, fear into faith, and confusion into clarity?

Are you ready to have the best time of your life?

Are you tired of being on the bottom when you know you were born to be on top? 

Are you ready to get rid of the junk from the past so you can have the mindset to focus on the future? 

Do you feel disconnected and confused about where you are and who should be on this journey with you? 

YES - I knew you were ready! There is small part of you that knew it too! :) You're in the right place! We will ensure that you leave feeling like a million bucks and we'll help you make a million bucks too! That is a big part of living your abundant life. 

How Can We Help? 

We empower you to take action on your dreams right NOW! We empower you to say no to the lies and deception of the past! We empower you to take a moment and reflect down deep within your soul and remember that vision you once had. We are passionate about motivating, encouraging, leading, and guiding all God's wonderful people to live their best lives despite everyday challenges. We teach you how to fall in love with yourself, build your personal brand, gain confidence, have joy, and walk by faith. We believe that through transformational leadership and guidance we can lead you towards making all your dreams a reality one journey at a time in your personal and business life. I was once you and I was tired of the life that I had created. I thought I had everything under control until one day I truly said Yes to the Lord. I realized that I was tired of making excuses for my stagnant life. I was tired of making excuses for some of my relationship blocks (including friends and family), I was tired of being at the bottom when I was born to be on top, I was tired of not being present for God by the habits I had formed or the lack thereof, I was tired of not living the best life that God designed me to live. He promised me a life of abundance!  I finally said enough is enough and followed this scripture: 2nd Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new". When I realized that its time to actually BE Intentional about the new gift of life that God has given me, I began to get in alignment with his word and start making changes including my habits, mindset, relationships, finances, body, and soul.

Now, I can truly say that I am living the life of my dreams and you can too! :) 


Hey Yo! I'm Tamica - Your Life Strategist

Hi, It's Me - I laugh loud, run 5K's even if I'm the last person to cross the finish line, love red velvet cake, my favorite color is Red and some people call me a Leo (whatever that means).  On my birth certificate, I am Tamica Lanessa Ross, but I'd like you to call me Lanese, Founder, CEO, Author, Life Coach, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. I was born to empower You - YES YOU! - to live your best life and make all your dreams a reality. I am on a mission to lead you on a journey to define your vision, overcome your fears, dream big, gain internal motivation, build self-confidence and take real action one step at a time.  Don't fool yourself, you are almost there! I will help you strategize your next steps and gain clarity on your future. 


I understand how it feels to be confused about the next step in one’s journey. I had a very interesting childhood, but I never allowed my circumstances to define my vision. Instead, I found faith in God and myself and started getting in alignment with his will for my life. That's when I began writing books, started my own business, applied to law school, re-evaluated my life, and created a life that God designed me to live. I am determined that I will dedicate the rest of my life serving him, living my best life, and showing others how to do the same while believing in Christ Jesus. 


Hey --- I am not perfect nor do I have all the answers ( I am growing daily), but I can promise you that working with me will give you the peace and clarity you have been waiting for so you can live your best life too!  WE make it happen one step at a time! I enjoy making people smile, dream big, laugh a lot, forget about the results of yesterday's mistakes, feel empowered to get up and take action while letting go of procrastination and the fear of transformation, and realize that no one is perfect and you deserve to live a life of abundance NOW. Start before you feel ready because you were born for a purpose.  


Not to boast but... I think you would appreciate knowing that I also have the experience and knowledge to help you live your best life... so here goes the boring stuff...  I have a Bachelors in Organization Leadership and Communication and a Masters of Education in Organizational Management.  I am a certified goals/life coach and I am working towards a law degree with hopes of sharing my God given purpose with others.  I am a mother of three beautiful children, I have been divorced, stressed to the max, lonely, and life has not always been good to me, but yes.. God made a way and this is the result: A Journey Well Done but not complete.  I am a transformational leader who understands that one’s journey may not be easy but attainable and through my experience, knowledge, and encouragement, I am determined to live the rest of my life helping you live your best life and make all dreams a reality one step at a time


There is so much more to learn about about me, but you have to read my upcoming book to find out! Shhh I can't spill the tea. Furthermore, This IS MORE ABOUT YOU so Please make sure you provide your email and subscribe in the link above, check out my blog, and go check out Lanese Live TV Show on YouTube for more tools and inspiration about how to live your best life with Motivation Monday! 


Right now, is ALL about YOU! ​This is a movement and we are in this together! Spread the word and reach out I would love to hear from you so please leave your information because I like to give out free stuff. 


We got this, Yo! 

Your Life Strategist :) 


Turn Dreams into Reality
Are you ready to Make it Happen?

However you were led to become a part of my journey, THANK YOU FOR JOINING. Please know that I am here to help you gain clarity in your vision, fine tune your mission, and strategize your next steps. I will help you uncover your deepest fears so you can let go and step out on faith with bold confidence that you can live your best life and make all your dreams a reality one step at a time. I will help you maximize your greatest potential and have the confidence to design the life that you were born to live.


We help people including men, women, and children live their best lives and make all their dreams a reality.This is a movement and we need that special strength that only you can share with the world. After working with me, you will  feel empowered about your journey well done. We want to help you so you can help others and spread the message that We got this, Yo. This movement will change your life forever. 

Working with me, gives you an opportunity to help send 2 (female/male) students to college each year and give back to our community. Its only right that we share the abundance that we have been so greatly blessed with :)  

Fan Cheering

D.R.E.A.M.S.  Academy 4 Youth Empowerment

Summer Youth Academy - Ages 10 - 25

Investment $1097.00 w/ weekly payment options

Our youth and young adults are struggling to find joy, identity, and purpose. They are desperately yearning for direction and mentorship. The world is taking control of our children and sometimes we don't know what to do but seek out for help. Our young adults are trying to live a life that makes them happy but continue to focus more on how to pay the bills or just find a way to break free from drugs and alcohol addiction due to low self-esteem or confusion.  Is this you or someone you know or have to raise? 


This 6 week summer program will provide opportunities to get clarity on their deepest desires, clarify reality, gain self- confidence, self- motivation, the courage to dream big, and the tools to walk away determined to beat the odds of being a failure.  

Parents & Young Adults: Are you ready for a change for your or your child? Don't hesitate to contact us because we are ready to assist you.  

Empowerment 101

5 Day Course - $55.00

A course designed to help you get in alignment with purpose, prosperity, and vision by gaining confidence, forming habits, and renewing your mind to prepare you for designing the life of your dreams.


This is small investment to you future! Are you tired of feeling stuck? Ready to throw in the towel, feeling a lack of motivation? need encouragement? Well this course is for you.


Are you ready to stop making excuses? 

If so, this course if for you. 

Open Laptop

D.R.E.A.M.S.  Academy

6 week Online Academy - $899.00

Payment option: $149.83 per week

Are you ready for clarity, joy, and the motivation to find purpose, dream big, and live your best life without apology? This 6 week self study course gives you an opportunity to start your journey now.  You will gain empowerment, self-motivation, confidence, and discipline to make all your dreams a reality. 


In this course, you will learn how to clearly visualize your dreams, reflect and refine your vision, gain clarity, take real action, get wisdom from the pros and make it happen while you succeed by faith with courage and confidence.


Are you ready to be Intentional with your life?  

If so, this academy is for you.  


Remember that you are amazingly amazing and you are the only one who can stop YOU from making your dreams a reality. You don't have to do this alone, I will walk with you every step of the way. We equip you for greatness so you can have clarity, remove fear, and unleash your greatest desires.  Let's do this together, YO! Make it Happen. 

I am also available for Speaking Opportunities!


Please send me an email to Laneseempowerment.com for inquiries and availability.  Rates: 75 - $150 an hour and I work with some youth groups for free. It gives me an opportunity to share my life story and encourage other youth to live their best lives now.


I would love to empower your team, group, conference, retreat, or event with the inspiration needed to encourage, empower, and provide tools for being your best you. Share ideas surrounding success, life journey, life strategy, life redesign, how to get clarity on a vision, how to leave the past and move towards the future, what it takes to be a success and leader, career tools,  and how to love yourself when it seems that no one else does.  I share tools on how to build the life you love and how to write books and share your story with the world. I also speak about spirituality in Christ and how to have undeniable faith in God. The tools to set habits that will lead you to a successful future and how to dream big and take action now.  I share my life story and journey towards a journey well done and how others can do it too. 

Tamica Lanessa Ross,

Author, Mentor, Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Lanese Live TV (YouTube) 


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Life Coaching & Mentoring 
(Men, Women, & Youth)

 1:1 Phone Coaching or Mentoring for Youth

( 1 hr sessions) - $79.00

Hey you! Yes, you.. Don't be shy or afraid to fail. Beat failure in the face and forget what didn't work. Let's focus on what does.  Live, Laugh, Love. Set up a call w/ me. I love seeing you be the best you can be.  We got this! You are not alone. One step at a time.

Successful Work Team

These are just a few reasons why you should consider working with me. I will help change your life for greatness!

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