A Journey Well Done

Dream Big. Laugh a Lot. Have Faith in God and Yourself. Redefine your Vision.  Gain Clarity & Discipline.


Be Intentional. Live the Life you Deserve. Yes - You deserve it! Be Free & Let Go. 


Hey Yo! I'm Tamica - Your Life Strategist


Turn Dreams into Reality
Are you ready to Make it Happen?

However you were led to become a part of my journey, THANK YOU FOR JOINING. Please know that I am here to help you gain clarity in your vision, fine tune your mission, and strategize your next steps. I will help you uncover your deepest fears so you can let go and step out on faith with bold confidence that you can live your best life and make all your dreams a reality one step at a time. I will help you maximize your greatest potential and have the confidence to design the life that you were born to live.


We help people including men, women, and children live their best lives and make all their dreams a reality.This is a movement and we need that special strength that only you can share with the world. After working with me, you will  feel empowered about your journey well done. We want to help you so you can help others and spread the message that We got this, Yo. This movement will change your life forever. 

Working with me, gives you an opportunity to help send 2 (female/male) students to college each year and give back to our community. Its only right that we share the abundance that we have been so greatly blessed with :)  

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D.R.E.A.M.S.  Academy 4 Youth Empowerment

Summer Youth Academy - Ages 10 - 25

Investment $1097.00 w/ weekly payment options

Our youth and young adults are struggling to find joy, identity, and purpose. They are desperately yearning for direction and mentorship. The world is taking control of our children and sometimes we don't know what to do but seek out for help. Our young adults are trying to live a life that makes them happy but continue to focus more on how to pay the bills or just find a way to break free from drugs and alcohol addiction due to low self-esteem or confusion.  Is this you or someone you know or have to raise? 


This 6 week summer program will provide opportunities to get clarity on their deepest desires, clarify reality, gain self- confidence, self- motivation, the courage to dream big, and the tools to walk away determined to beat the odds of being a failure.  

Parents & Young Adults: Are you ready for a change for your or your child? Don't hesitate to contact us because we are ready to assist you.  

Empowerment 101

5 Day Course - $55.00

A course designed to help you get in alignment with purpose, prosperity, and vision by gaining confidence, forming habits, and renewing your mind to prepare you for designing the life of your dreams.


This is small investment to you future! Are you tired of feeling stuck? Ready to throw in the towel, feeling a lack of motivation? need encouragement? Well this course is for you.


Are you ready to stop making excuses? 

If so, this course if for you. 

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D.R.E.A.M.S.  Academy

6 week Online Academy - $899.00

Payment option: $149.83 per week

Are you ready for clarity, joy, and the motivation to find purpose, dream big, and live your best life without apology? This 6 week self study course gives you an opportunity to start your journey now.  You will gain empowerment, self-motivation, confidence, and discipline to make all your dreams a reality. 


In this course, you will learn how to clearly visualize your dreams, reflect and refine your vision, gain clarity, take real action, get wisdom from the pros and make it happen while you succeed by faith with courage and confidence.


Are you ready to be Intentional with your life?  

If so, this academy is for you.  


Remember that you are amazingly amazing and you are the only one who can stop YOU from making your dreams a reality. You don't have to do this alone, I will walk with you every step of the way. We equip you for greatness so you can have clarity, remove fear, and unleash your greatest desires.  Let's do this together, YO! Make it Happen. 

I am also available for Speaking Opportunities!


Please send me an email to Laneseempowerment.com for inquiries and availability.  Rates: 75 - $150 an hour and I work with some youth groups for free. It gives me an opportunity to share my life story and encourage other youth to live their best lives now.


I would love to empower your team, group, conference, retreat, or event with the inspiration needed to encourage, empower, and provide tools for being your best you. Share ideas surrounding success, life journey, life strategy, life redesign, how to get clarity on a vision, how to leave the past and move towards the future, what it takes to be a success and leader, career tools,  and how to love yourself when it seems that no one else does.  I share tools on how to build the life you love and how to write books and share your story with the world. I also speak about spirituality in Christ and how to have undeniable faith in God. The tools to set habits that will lead you to a successful future and how to dream big and take action now.  I share my life story and journey towards a journey well done and how others can do it too. 

Tamica Lanessa Ross,

Author, Mentor, Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Lanese Live TV (YouTube) 


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Life Coaching & Mentoring 
(Men, Women, & Youth)

 1:1 Phone Coaching or Mentoring for Youth

( 1 hr sessions) - $79.00

Hey you! Yes, you.. Don't be shy or afraid to fail. Beat failure in the face and forget what didn't work. Let's focus on what does.  Live, Laugh, Love. Set up a call w/ me. I love seeing you be the best you can be.  We got this! You are not alone. One step at a time.

Successful Work Team

These are just a few reasons why you should consider working with me. I will help change your life for greatness!

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